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US Congress - District 11

Sarah Hammond

Residency: East Lampeter Twp (LC) — for about one year Hanover (YC) — 1993 (birth) - 9/2019 have lived in this district my entire life.

Why run for office?

I am running for Congress here in PA-11 because Lancaster and York deserve better. As a small town woman with blue collar roots, I have I experienced the negative impact that partisan gridlock is creating for working class families like yours and mine. For far too long, our Congressional representatives have brushed off the concerns, thoughts, and needs of our district.

The economy didn’t work for nearly half of Americans prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are facing even more dire times this year due to loss of employment and healthcare, lack of resources for school children and educators, and more. Let’s be real: Now more than ever, we need bold action - not platitudes - from our elected officials. I am the candidate who has actively and consistently championed those ideas - things like universal single payer healthcare, student debt forgiveness, bold action on climate change, universal broadband access, and more resources to help more working class families to prosper. And I will continue to champion these BOLD solutions as we work to rebuild our economy to benefit all of our neighbors. That's why I'm running for Congress to ensure that the health and wellbeing of our neighbors are put first. 

Hope to achieve in office:

My team and I are fighting to ensure that every single person in America is covered through a single universal healthcare system that creates more comprehensive access to coverage for health-related services — from mental healthcare, crisis intervention services, opioid addiction treatments, low prescription drug costs, reproductive healthcare, end of life care, dental, and more. We hope to fight for an environmentally and economically sustainable future for all of our people across the nation and here at home by creating effective and achievable policies to reach the sustainability goals outlined in the Green New Deal. Addressing our climate crisis is important to ensuring that south central PA is able to continue to rely on our agricultural industry for generations to come, while also addressing Pennsylvania’s contributions to air, water, and ground pollutions as we strive to reach zero-waste communities. As a blue-collar woman, I vow to fight for working class people across the nation to raise the federal minimum wage and create a pay-grade schedule that is indexed to inflation. I also strongly advocate for uncoupling healthcare from employment so that employees have more security and power in the workplace. I believe our workers deserve to be able to afford safe housing and childcare, guaranteed parental leave, the ability to put food on the table, and to have access to fairly funded education.

Biggest issue/top priority:

Healthcare is the number one issue that we hear about across virtually every platform and demographic we have spoken to over the past year — that’s why it is the leading issue on our campaign platform. I have heard from our constituents about concerns regarding access to mental healthcare, crisis intervention services, opioid addiction treatments, low prescription drug costs, reproductive healthcare, end of life care, dental coverage, and more. Uncoupling healthcare ensures that every single person has automatic access to the comprehensive coverage to fit your individual needs, without forcing you into bankruptcy. It will also allow for wage increases and increased direct economic stimulation by moving the burden of healthcare coverage off of small businesses and individuals.

Most optimistic about: I

am most optimistic about our future because I see a growing coalition of human rights motivated activists, politicians, and everyday people who are committing to stand against the grain to ensure that human rights are never the bargaining chip in policymaking. In the face of COVID-19, we have seen recognition from both sides of the aisle acknowledging that our status quo cannot support most working families during times of crisis. We are able to point out what many general solutions are to ensure that we do better for our people both in times of crisis and in times of relative health and peace — and we have folks who are committed to moving the right legislation forward to effectively improve the lives of millions of Americans. Those people surround us everyday — I have marched the streets with them, helped provide aid when they take a resilient stand against injustices within our communities, and volunteered alongside them as we listen to the lived experiences and concerns of those in our communities and putting in the time to learn about the ways to effectively address them and implement meaningful change. Together, I believe we can reshape an America that’s built on compassion and human rights rather than one that rooted in nationalism and division.

Importance of civic involvement:

Politicians are truly only representative of engaged citizens, because they’re the ones electing our officials into office — regardless of how truthfully informed they are. If we want politicians to represent working class values, then we need working class people to vote, be civically engaged, and run for office. An informed constituent base is the best way to hold our elected leaders accountable and ensure that they understand our struggles and the solutions we need. And, you cannot be informed without being engaged, and you can’t work in your own self-interest without being informed. To work on behalf of each other here at home, across the nation, and in our interactions with other countries worldwide, we’re going to have to be more truthfully informed about the impact of our political decisions. That’s why our team has been focusing on voter outreach to demographics within our communities that have been traditionally left behind, and doing our best to use our platform to uplift those voices and experiences. 

Where is the 11th Congressional District?

District Makeup: The 10th Congressional District includes

All of Lancaster County Southern portion of York County:

(The townships of Chanceford, Codorus, East Hopewell, Fawn, Heidelberg, Hellam, Hopewell, Jackson, Lower Chanceford, Lower Windsor, Manheim, North Codorus, North Hopewell, Paradise, Peach Bottom, Penn, Shrewsbury, Springfield, West Manheim, Windsor and York.

How Can I Learn More About Sarah's Campaign?