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US Congress - District 10

Eugene DePasquale

Residency: York, PA, for the past two decades

A Bit About Eugene: I received my Bachelor of Arts from College of Wooster, masters from University of Pittsburgh, and law degree from Widner. I have spent my adult life fighting on behalf of my community in the state legislature and in my current position as Auditor General.

I've also coached little league, and high school sports for years trying to pass along the life lessons I gained from my time as a high school and college athlete.

Why run for office: Because for too long our community has been an afterthought as politicians in Washington serve their own self-interest, and the interests of the corporations and lobbyists that fund their re-elections.

Hope to achieve in office:

- Expanding access to quality affordable healthcare.

- Passing meaningful campaign finance reform.

- Lowering prescription drug costs.

- Holding powerful people and institutions accountable on behalf of my district.

Biggest issue/priority in your District?
In the midst of the current public health and economic crisis, I believe our most immediate priority must be to ensure people have access to quality healthcare and economic relief as we work to get our economy back on track.

Most optimistic about for our future:
No matter how dysfunctional our government can be, I remain optimistic about our future because of the character of the American people. Our country has weathered dark days before and come out stronger.

Importance of civic involvement today:
One of the most important roles of citizens in a democracy is to hold their elected leaders accountable. It is more important than ever that people get engaged, and keep government at all levels honest and responsive to the needs of those they represent.

Where is the 10th Congressional District?

District Makeup:
The 10th Congressional District includes Dauphin County, as well as parts of Cumberland County and York County. The district includes the cities of Harrisburg and York.

How Can I Learn More About Eugene's Campaign?