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PA State House - District 95

Carol Hill-Evans

Residency: Lifelong resident York City

A Bit About Carol:
I am running for re-election in the 95th Legislative District, for which I have been serving since January 2017. Before I was elected to serve the 95th, I served for two years on the York City Planning Commission, and nine years on York City Council, five of which I served as president. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business-Penn State, working in human resources for nearly four decades – 27 years at Caterpillar and 10 years at Harley-Davidson.

 I am also a member of the NAACP, 20 years; American Legion auxiliary, 31 years; and VFW auxiliary, 10 years.

Why run for office: This seat represents the only Democratic voice and Democratic values in the County of York. I’m running to be the voice of all people of course, and to be sure all voices and values are being considered and represented.

Hope to achieve in office: Ensure fair funding formula compliance for all of our schools; end homelessness for our Veterans; support true reform for police departments across the Commonwealth.

Biggest issue/priority in your District: Property taxes are always at the top of the list. While I don’t see elimination happening any time soon, I believe there can be reform in such a way as to offer relief for our seniors and veterans as a first step.

Most optimistic about for our future: Vaccine for COVID-19; return to some semblance of normalcy in the US White House; return to values that value humanity.

Importance of civic involvement today: So important that I will continue to push for the return of civics in the classroom. Our children and many of their parents have no knowledge of government and how it works. Their ignorance gives way to apathy and lack of involvement in the world around them and how they can make a change through civic involvement. I have signed on to several bills regarding the requirement of schools to offer civics as an elective and graduation requirement.

Where is the 95th State House District?

District Makeup:
The 95th State House District includes York City, West York Borough, Spring Garden Township, West Manchester Township (ward 1 only)

How Can I Learn More About Carol's Campaign?