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Retired Admiral Joe Sestak Appears in York for Linda Small

YORK,PA – Amid a packed Democratic Party of York County Headquarters on Sunday, retired Admiral Joe Sestak, 2010 PA Senate candidate and potential 2016 Senate candidate,personally made the case why Linda Small, Democratic candidate for the 28th State Senate Special Election is the best candidate for the position. Sestak endorsed Small earlier the week and made the trip to York to hold a rally in support of Small.

“She gets it,” commented Sestak to the group,“She (Small) will approach what is needed in Pennsylvania.”

Sestak spoke for nearly fifteen minutes to the supporters at Democratic Headquarters. He discussed his experience in theNavy and discussed how for anyone, to get to the level of Master Chief PettyOfficer (E-9) in the Navy such as Linda Small attained before retiring, is nosmall feat. Sestak commended Small for her achievements in the Navy and beyond.

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